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Note!!! PLEASE DOWNLOAD 8.1.2 IF YOU ALREADY DOWNLOADED 8.1.0 or 8.1.1 - Ground fire based Slashers and Samsons have been restored to AA only (now with added basic radar coverage)

Also make sure you already have ESC 6.8.1 installed - you can grab it at the download page. This update file is .RAR due to inclusion of exe updates. You can grab WinRAR on the web for free if you cannot open the file with your O/S]

Well, it's finally here after a long time spent making literally hundreds of 'minor' fixes along with the addition of a couple of new units. Here is a small sampling:

New Colors
In place of 'silver/Gray' we now have 'Teal'. 'Green' has been lightened up somewhat and 'Tan' is now a darker shade now known as 'Maple'. The minimap (and megamap?) dots have been greatly improved for better color separation in game

New mobile construction hot keys
Now you don't even have to mouse over to the build GUI to make units!

Metal and Energy (late game) Economy
T1 and T2 Metal Makers are now 25% more effective and both the Arm Forge and Core Vault Metal outputs have been increased also. The Forge now produces 100 Metal for 5,000 Energy and the Vault will now make 30 Metal when built (or 40 when paired). Lastly, T3 Fusion output has been decreased from 7,500 to 5,000 but still retain a 2x adjacency bonus.

Faster building Mines
Minefield can be laid out much more swiftly thanks to near instant unit buildtimes. However, Metal and Energy costs remain unchanged so you will need stored resources or risk stalling. Note that Nuclear and Tactical Nuclear mines are excluded and require extended time to build.

Optimized Hovers
Hovers (especially T1) in general are now cheaper and faster to produce. T2 Hovers are stronger yet with improved firepower and/or armor. The T3 Hover Cruisers are now both groundfire-based, multi-weapon (in addition to AA) with overall DPS increases.

Tougher Crawling Bombs
These can now be used to take out LLTs and offer greater threats to ground units while on the ground. The T3 Vermin conversely is slightly less armored, however.

More T1 ground unit adjustments
Warriors have a bit more range, Stumpies and Raiders are larger in appearence, Gators have been restored to 7.5.1. The Gemlin will likely be replaced with an early amphibious gauss tank, while a Core counterpart is also being considered.

T2 Bombers now tougher
Armor has been improved as has splash damage from bombs.

Charging fields adjusted
All charging units now 'spark' when charging T2 or T3 units. Note the T3 Fusions and Core B.F.G. cannot be charged.

Cheaper MUATs (T2)
A 40% reduction in Metal costs and possibly added light AA missiles.

Expanded Radar coverage
All Radar, Jammers, sonar get 16% more area coverage.

Useful Aurora
Tactical Nuke+ for real striking power, though longer reload time required.

And much, much more... (see below). What are you waiting for, Commander!?


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